View Full Version : Transport of two heavy packages (Sails)Greece to UK then return.

25-08-10, 05:49
The boat is based in Greece but I want to transport two of my sails back to the UK this winter. Each is over the single bag limit for air transport. Any suggestions.

25-08-10, 06:32
The boat is based in Greece but I want to transport two of my sails back to the UK this winter. Each is over the single bag limit for air transport. Any suggestions.

I know a company called cheaperpost.com they may help you.
I used them many times to post life-rafts to Greece and europe.
website is down at the moment, but I would check again tomorrow...
How big are your parcels by the way????

oh......i have the email by the way..... info@cheaperpost.com :)

25-08-10, 07:25
GBP 9/kg for extra baggage at SleezyJet...

DHL/UPS/FEDEX should be better.... but ask for "Space available".

Then they will load your shipment when convenient to them. Expect 10 days as a max.

There is also "ground" transport for these same providers.


25-08-10, 13:58
Have a look at www.parcel2go.com Very good prices and services although I have not used from/to Greece but should work ok.
Fair winds

25-08-10, 14:17
If you are anywhere near the ionian, then I've just seen an ad in the (british run) chandlery in Nidri for a "man (or woman?) with a van" who goes back and forward to the UK every month and will take/deliver parcels. I don't have the details, but can drop in over the next few days and pick up the tel. number and email, if it would be of any use to you.


25-08-10, 14:56
I have used TNT on a number of occasions sending parcels out to Corfu.

25-08-10, 16:37

The 'Man with a Van' is Vernon Kiddle [email] transport121@hotmail.co.uk.
He lives somewhere near Levkas, but shuttles his van back to the UK about once a month. I have used him in the past and can recommend.

25-08-10, 20:41
You should try Shiply:
This is basically a "white van" operation and the operators bid in an auction to get your load. You might get lucky and its worth a try.

26-08-10, 00:10
There is a little known system for "Unaccompanied baggage", if you are flying, your airline may be able to help. Basically you pay between 3$ and 4$ a Kilo, but your luggage only gets on the aircraft when there is space. You could advertise on Selby's web site for a trucker to bring them back.

26-08-10, 09:16
Try Vasillis on 0044 771 5273 241 or the website:

He's done two (large) transportations from the UK to Corfu for me, both went smooth as silk and not too expensive.

I recomend his services.

31-08-10, 16:38
For competitive rates & advice contact
Christos or Hillary Tzallas on
Tel : 0044 1327 700020 0044 1327 700020
new euroline. groupage loads gr-uk-gr.

Andy and Lyn
01-09-10, 08:43
pack the sails each into large holdall s . travel British Airways ATHENS to LHR. Usually you will not get charged the excess charge - if you do its not that much and you can collect the sails at Heathrow and take them home with you.

If you want to get over the excess charge check them in as "sports equipment" and pay 30. alternatively, buy a business ticket and you should be all inclusive (decent meal en-route as well as a nice seat! (my preferred option)

02-09-10, 06:31
Thanks for all the replies. I can't take them on a plane as each sail is 40 Kg plus.