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08-09-10, 15:56
We are venturing north from our usual spot in Montenegro for a month's cruising around Croatia in October and wondered if anyone had any tips on good anchorages with all-round shelter up there, for when the weather kicks up.


09-09-10, 07:29
Tim/Katie The long "Fjord" leading up to Dubrovnik marina is pretty sheltered. Get too close to the marina and they will try and persuade you in though (expensive). Gets very shallow past the marina so we anchored about 300m downstraem and felt quite OK there for a couple of days. Surrounded by mountains so usual issue re winds off them but I know you know all about that in Kotor.
Steve (Affinite)

09-09-10, 11:42
You must get Croatia 777 harbours and anchorages which will give you all the info you need.
The Dubrovnik fjord is prob not the best place if a Bora is threatened. Most skips choose anchorages that are sheltered from the NE. But all round shelter is better as you know.

09-09-10, 17:20
Sukosan is about 8 miles south of Zadar. There is a marina there, that is somewhat expensive. You can anchor off the marina where there is plenty of space and reasonable depths, open only to the west, and not a very long fetch from the island opposite. Supplies in the village, fuel and water from the marina fuel berth, wifi perhaps from the marina.

Up the Krka river from Sibenik, plenty of places, including opposite the marina at the head below the waterfalls.

You should have no problem finding secure anchorages. Get the 777 book. You can disect our movements when there in 2007 from http://www.syfuga.co.uk

11-09-10, 21:12
Yip watch out for the Bora.

Elaphite islands - Janska on main land just north of Slano, Sipan island you have Luka and Suduard.
Mljet islands - Okuklje, and Polace
Lastovo - nearlly all 4 main places

Have fun

28-09-10, 06:11
Punat on the south of Krk has a large sheltered inlet, anchor near the marina and row ashore, or Medulan on the bottom tip of Istrian same story.