View Full Version : Whoops! 'Hurricane IGOR' (just left Africa).

08-09-10, 23:59
Even though this is a Tropical Storm, it is still EAST of Cape Verdi Isles and it is already a TS and heading west towards the Caribbean:


Watch out!

09-09-10, 00:58
Yep he did!
We are already talking and watching Igor with baited breath on this side of the pond.

Looks as though tropical storm Igor (soon to be a Himicane, as opposed to Hericane) will have a rough ride across the Atlantic with upper level shear then reformation in the next 4 or 5 days, then hopefully a slight turn to the north.

Lets hope we are luckier this time around.


10-09-10, 03:52
now backed down to a TD, but I am sure there will be more to com.