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Stud Baker
02-10-10, 12:32
I am looking for info of an old Norwegian cargo-vessel.
For many years her name was "Vestfold 1".
She had a Detroit Diesel V16 that made her do 12,5 knots. She could load about 340 tons of sand.
5.10.92 she was sold to Tartan Arrow ltd, London, -and shortly after on to Irish buyers, and then to buyers in Rotterdam ( while on her way to Ireland..). The intention was to take her to Singapore and rebuild her into a yatch, but the last thing I heard she was laying in arrest in Gibraltar.
At the end of the 1990`s she was observed by Norwegian cruiselinecrew in Miami where she was said to be in arrest by the US Coastguard
The ship is said to have been in Colombia and was persecuted and arrested by the US Coastguard and was kept in detention in Miami.
It had supposedly 116 tons of marihuana onboard when arrested...
I have also heard rumors that say that she was arrested for smuggling weapons from Libya to Ireland. And some say they have seen her in malta...

I have sent mails to the US Coast Guard, the Panama Shipreg. and Tartan Arrow ltd. None of them have awnsered....
Info from the shiplist:

It looks like she still was "alive" in 2004...
Have anyone got any info about her?
Picture: http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=14849&d=1252869644

03-10-10, 09:05
Possibly you'll get more luck in the Ships Monthly Forum (http://www.ybw.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=28)

03-10-10, 17:06
I was going to suggest Ships Nostalgia .... but I see you have gotten there .. :)