View Full Version : Yeoman plotter

02-11-10, 16:32
Yeoman Navigator Pro Plotter very little used also have the leisure folio for North Wales including Menai Strait SC5609.

Offers over 220.

Plotter now sold.

02-11-10, 17:23
Hi - I'm interested but will need to confirm it fits on the chart table. Should be able to pop down to the boat after work tonight.


03-11-10, 22:46
It seems the full-size Pro version will indeed fit nicely on my chart table (not bad for a 24' boat!).

I wouldn't need the Welsh charts - any chance of swapping them to include the postage cost instead? I've just spent what feels like a fortune on new lights etc and still need to buy the makings of an electrics panel and wiring, so trying not to spend too much on other toys.