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16-12-10, 11:59
I have an old windlass removed from our 1980s Dehler 372. Over the years the case has corroded to the point where I want to replace it. It works well with our 40m of 8mm chain. Apart from the severe corrosion on the base everything is intact and it holds its gear oil. I have don't know who made it - it bore a label saying "Mendoza" originally - but it resembles a Lofrans Royal in shape and design and I think it would fit on the same bolt template and hole for the chain. The motor detaches so the opening through the deck for it is only 30mm or so.

So it's looking for a new owner: I have cleaned it up and repainted it once - does anyone want a cheap windlass for mainly day use perhaps? Obviously it's heavy. 50 plus carriage? If you pm your email I can send higher def pictures.

16-12-10, 12:09
sent pm edit asking for details

16-12-10, 12:28
replied to pm (yes there is manual back-up)

16-12-10, 21:16
sold to another forumite - thanks for the interest