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17-12-10, 21:29
Hello guys,it`a long shot,but there is a French tidal stream atlas which is focussed on Finisterre,goes in to fine detail with all the eddies etc. Might be a SHOM publication? Should have bought it at the time I know. I`ve literally only ever seen it in L`Aberwrac`h.What`s its official name even if you don`t have one to flog? Mucho appreciado Jerry.
Other requests speak for themselves,based in Hackney cheers

PS also wanted: Anything useful for Brittany and the Channel Islands really, in the way of charts or pilots or cruising companions etc,thanks

18-12-10, 09:22
Looking at my photocopies of the tidal streams I see they are taken from "Atlas de Courants de Marée No 555" for Rade de Brest, No 554 for Ushant and West Brittany.

Oh and they are SHOM publications

19-12-10, 11:03
Thanks Guernseyman that`s so kind of you to look it up.

19-12-10, 22:31
Hi, SHOM 560 gives tidal streams from Pte de Penmarc'h to Gouilven. There is also a cheap
almanach that you may find useful that has Brittany and Channel Islands tidal streams. It
is Almanach du Marin Breton- imagine PBO Small Craft Almanach but for Brittany. I have personally found this very useful-you need to be able to read French for the rest of the
book but the tidal stream diagrams are self explanatory.
Regards, Phil

20-12-10, 21:01
Thanks be to you Phil,I shall look it out,Merry Crimble,Jerry

29-12-10, 12:40
I have quite a few of the above, from the last 5 or so years. PM me if you are interested