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03-02-11, 00:10
Just sorting out plans for our Med. experience this year and have come across our 'bibles' from the trip south.If anyone is interested in any of these PM me to discuss price - they are all in good nick.Good home as important as the cash!
Through The French Canals - Jefferson - 12 edition - original cost 19.99
Cruising Inland Waterways France/Belgium - Cruising Assoc. Jan.08 19.99
Cruising French Waterways - McKnight - 3rd edition 19.99
Euroregs for Inland Waterways -RYA - Marian Martin 5.99
Guide Fluvial Number 8,9 and 11.
Navicarte Number 8 and 10.
Used on the Seine, Marne, Saone route - great trip!

03-02-11, 16:46
PM sent