View Full Version : For Sale, Moody 346 dark navy spray hood complete

15-04-11, 16:22
excellent condition moody 346 spray hood 1 year old excellent condition , dark navy. full pain window , no scratches etc etc complete with deck fittings and bars and finger strip 200 plus postage. must clear got the new one here ready to fit

as requested measurements 260cm across deck fitting
79cm middle bar height in the arch
depth is approx 80cm unconfirmed. this has never been fitted.
2 bar type
i change my mind and went for a cockpit tenti type.

18-04-11, 16:03
Hi, Please do you have a width measurement for the bars across the coachroof, also any photos of it when it was fitted would be great. Is it 2 or 3 bar, and rounded or square shaped? I'm not sure how a send a PM, but will try so you can send details dirct to me. Many Thanks.

18-04-11, 22:08
I think we would all like that information :D