View Full Version : engel 47l fridge

09-06-11, 14:39
Factory fitted engel 47l cockpit fridge from our sealine s23 has been playing up and would work one minute and then not the next. Due to us going away on the boat we bit the bullet and brought a new replacement (waeco). Have been told by a few people that the old one could possibly be fixed (but I wouldn't know were) or that if someone has this fridge already they might be interested in ours for spare parts (as a new one cost over 600 pounds)

am open to any offers

10-06-11, 05:03
Can you give me the dimensions please?

10-06-11, 09:05
will get it measured up for you on saturday

12-06-11, 10:31
When the fridge was working, was it cooling down or just the fan running?

02-10-11, 18:08
was this ever sold?