View Full Version : Where best to try/start?

08-07-11, 10:59
Hi all,

We've almost got the Microplus ready to go now, just waiting on picking up another outboard from a friend and some minor interior stuff to sort.

We are based in the Malmesbury area and wondered if there are any recommendations for first-timers with respect to where to go/launch and what licence would be the best to get for us initially?

I don't want to spend a fortune on an 'all-water' type licence only to use it on the ocassional canal or local river.

Any help/advice would be gratefully received.


08-07-11, 19:10
Are you near EA or BW waters? Can't say for EA, but BW do, or did a book of 30 day visitor tickets that are single day use only, Tear it out, fil it in and after the day is over, discard it. Maybe a lock keeper can point you in the right direction

08-07-11, 21:52
Thanks for that. It seems they still do the 30-day pass which seems like a good option and reasonable value too.

EA (the Thames would be our 'local') seems a bit more convoluted so I need to read a bit more to find out what I exactly need to be registerd/allowed to use it.