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02-09-11, 20:37
Due to go out in a weeks time and pick the boat up in Lefkas, we have for the last 8 years used a booked taxi there and back to Lefkas town, 35 euros each way, with a 5 euro tip on top, thats 80 euros on top of flights, car and parking to Manchester Airport. I don't want to sound like a tight a**e but I am wondering if any one else has a cheaper way of getting to their boat for less than we pay. Is there a regular bus from the airport? we've even looked in to car hire.

03-09-11, 05:31
I think there is a bus that runs from the airport to Levkas. However, I'm not sure how regularly or what times. I've been looking for the info with no success (I suppose I should really walk to the bus station to get a timetable!). The winter timetable started on the 1st Sept & I can't find the info on the net.

03-09-11, 13:40
I notice there is a regular bus from Prevesa town to Lefkas, does anyone know if this passes the airport?

04-09-11, 08:22
yes it does, you need to go out of the airport and turn left onto the main road and stand in the layby to wait. Watch out for those turning right into the airport, they seem to regard pedestrians as fair game!

04-09-11, 13:01
I'll ping the old man and see if he can get a timetable from the bus station. He's tied up at Levkas at the moment.

Don't expect the bus to match the flight times though. Try to blag your way on to one of the charter buses down to Levkas. Sailing holidays, Kiriakoulis ( good luck ) or the like.

>> Hmm no reply from him --- lazy bu$$er has gone incommunicado!