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09-09-11, 14:31

I have to make a wooden cradle for my Sunstar bilge keeler and have been told the best thing to use is wooden sleepers. Wondering if anyone has some that they dont want. need to be approx. 2600mm long and i need 5.I live in Southampton but could collect if local.


10-09-11, 10:37
Loads here but we are miles away, try recleamation places or landscape garden people. They are quite expensive.If its bilge why do you need a cradle?

10-09-11, 10:47
Not a good idea.

Too big and heavy
Full of creosote which can attack GRP
Splinters are poisonous.
Very expensive as they are Chelsea Flower Show material :eek:

Try 7x3 inch (or similar) treated roofing timbers. It's pine, much lighter, easily sawn to length, and is more than adequate to spread the load over soft ground and prevent wind action from shaking the boat into the ground (Liquefaction of substrate)

10-09-11, 12:27
I need a cradle to sit on my clubs trolley. Once out of the water we jack up the cradle with boat on and pull trolley out. It's the only way we can recover boats.

I since been told that 8 x 2 bolted together to make 8 x 4 is the cheapest and best option to make the cradle, so think I will go with that. Just got to find it now for the right price.

10-09-11, 15:59
Would not frig about like that.

Yard supports the back of the boat on a couple of oil drums and wooden blocks. Builds a bridge under the hull just forward of the keels using one sleeper, an old water tank some blocks ( bits of sleeper do nicely) and packing and a hydraulic jack.

Jack up, draw out trolley, put blocks plus some packing and a wedge or two to get it all level under the keels. Lower boat
Remove bridge and oil drums.
( If applicable put some support under the skeg)

One man job. Never timed it, but not very many minutes work!
And the one man who does all the yard launching and recovery actually owns a Sunstar!

If you buy sleepers remember the oak ones are b****y heavy.

Lady Campanula
10-09-11, 21:14
Ask Sara if you can borrow his chain-hoist..... :D