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19-09-11, 10:13
OK at present its light (to very little) winds forecast for Friday and on the nose but Sunday looks a good reach back.

I am starting to prepare excel spreadsheet which I will circulate ONLY to personal e mails.

I have my records from previous years but please advise me if any info I may have YOU DO NOT want circulated to other formites. Please advise of any change of info.

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to let others know the attendee list (include other Formites - if crew on your boat), total number on your boat (for YC dinner) and any Vegi's, boat names (I give only a list of boats and no other details to the marina to get the discount - MAKE SURE YOU ASK FOR DISCOUNT WHEN PAYING). Contact details (Mobile and e mail address) is helpful. This Scuttlebutt Cherbourg Cruise has often attracted some X channel virgins (not the type you may be hoping for!) and its reassuring to some of them if they can contact other boats sailing the same route. Departure port/date/time is therefore helpful to many. For this reason we designate CH69 a contact channel - put VHF on dual watch and this will limit the number of calls commencing on Ch16).

Please ONLY send this info to me by PM and asap please. If anyone has my private e mail address from previous years please use it as its better than using the YM PM system.

If a few can bring some blank labels and marker pens (in case I forget!) it would be helpful. Wearing of Formite names helps break the ice and enables many to approach otherwise complete strangers.

I will be on "Janes Buoy" a Jeanneau 43 Deck Saloon and will try to berth near the end of the visitors pontoon hopefully next to any other formites larger boats as this helps for the Saturday afternoon pontoon gathering for drinks and nibbles. For new people Cherbourg has 2 pontoons designated for visitors and one has alongside berthing and if necessary rafting up for longer boats. While I stick my nose out a bit I usually grab a berth in my 43.

Can I remind everyone of the Cherbourg majestic wine warehouse (see their webpage). I have always pre-ordered as a group for my boat as I have then got a further discount (sliding scale - 80 for 900 spent- IIRC) and a free Taxi trip back to the marina (top of Pontoon). You only pay on collection and can change your order when you collect but its the act of pre-ordering that entitles you to the further discount. Payment by debit/credit cards will be taken in Euros but cash 's is the cheapest way as Majestic then charge at a very favourable exchange rate. We will be laying in stock on the Saturday morning to ensure a welcome to everyone on the Saturday afternoon. If you can bring a bottle and nibbles great but most important bring yourselves and a glass to drink from!

If you don't come for the Saturday afternoon drink or are running late please contact me by 15.00 on the Saturday please as I need to confirm dining number to the YC.

Feel free to add any questions.

19-09-11, 10:43

Sans Bateau
19-09-11, 18:41
If anyone needs labels, there will be plenty on Galadriel, the dodgers are off this year so there is no name displayed for those not familiar with our boat. But it will be the only UK flagged Etap 35i.

19-09-11, 19:43
Majika will be the smaller Privilege catamaran, but as I am travelling from Brighton, I dont expect to see many people on the way.

20-09-11, 19:14
I have just e mailed the spreadsheet to all those that I have personal e mail addresses.

If you do not receive it tonight - I don't have your correct address!

I have already been contacted by one person as I had a very old address for him - I have obviously been doing this for too long!!

I do not have any current e mail addresses or contact details for:-


I do not have boat names (necessary for marina discount) for:-


If anyone can add any info please let me know.

If anyone wishes to update their departure day/time/port and destination Cherbourg or St Vaast please let me know.

The following initially expressed an interest but have not posted since then:-
Jeanaline IV
Neil Oliver

Sorry guys but I can't chase every individual up by PM. This Forum and my PM is there to be used.

If you have received the spreadsheet you will have my contact e mail. For speed please use that instead of ybw PM system.

See you all in Cherbourg!

21-09-11, 18:26
Thanks everyone for info sent. Its all on the latest spreadsheet titled "Wednesday night" which I have now e mailed to everyone that I have a private e mail address.

I will update it with any further info provided or any late additions to the scuttlebutt ball but otherwise I expect this one to be final one that I will send out by e mail.

21-09-11, 18:48
Je n'ai pas un e-mail :confused:


21-09-11, 19:01
Je n'ai pas un e-mail :confused:


Probably my fault. I don't think I included your email in the info I gave to Roger.
I'll forward mine on to you.

21-09-11, 22:43
A combination of still recovering from a cold, a less-than ideal weather forecast, and work pressures means that Bedouin is now very unlikely to make it.

I hope you all enjoy the trip, and we'll see you next year

21-09-11, 22:54
Next time :)

Get well soon..... (We'll have a beer for you!)

22-09-11, 07:03
Bedouin - get well soon

Last minute addition "dancingwithmoons" will be joining us.