View Full Version : New sprayhood windows + stitching repairs. Someone in Brighton/Maidstone area ?

11-10-11, 08:47
A couple of my sprayhood 'windows' are now a bit worse for wear and need replacing and some of the general stitching needs renewing.

The sprayhood is fitted to a 1990 Bavaria 300.

Can anyone recommend someone in the Brighton area who takes care of such things. Or for that matter anyone between Brighton and the West Malling (Maidstone) area. I am happy to deliver / collect the sprayhood whenever and wherever necessary and would naturally prefer to keep costs to the minimum.

I'm sure it will be suggested that I attempt the job myself but being new to boating and all such things (and certainly not handy with a needle and thread) I prefer to leave it to someone more able.

Many thanks as always for any helpful suggestions. Much appreciated.

11-10-11, 09:01
Is Faversham too far?

If not, then Wilkinson Sails.

11-10-11, 14:32
Nicky's Canvasworks at Brighton Marina tel 01273 513862 / 07831 236651 (got the numbers off visitmyharbour)...

11-10-11, 14:39
+1 for Nickys

11-10-11, 18:40
I can also reccomend Nickys. Mine was completely re-stitched with new windows the same day :-)

11-10-11, 22:14
Here's anothet one for Nicky's. My sprayhood disintegrated in July due to uv light rotting the stitching. It was restitched in 24 hrs at a cost of 35.00. Excellent service.

11-10-11, 22:28
Many thanks as always for any helpful suggestions. Much appreciated.

April at South Coast Hoods 07973 794433 has done some great work for me at Brighton at good prices.

12-10-11, 10:36
plus again for Nikky- she did my entire sprayhood a few weeks ago, good work, fair price- and please say hello to her from me if you see her!

Philippa (ex Brighton Marina now currently Lanzarote)

12-10-11, 17:10
Is Faversham too far?

If not, then Wilkinson Sails.

Second that, Cindy at Wilkinson sails sorted mine out earlier this year.

Well pleased.

12-10-11, 19:07
Thanks to your useful suggestions I have sorted my sprayhood.

I popped it into Nickys Canvasworks in Brighton Marina and was pleasantly surprised with the result. Three new windows, all stitching repaired, general all round tidy-up, wash and reproof - 167 !!!. It will take a few days but I'm in no hurry. Good price and excellent service

Thanks again