View Full Version : Lewmar hatch (Ocean?) with friction hinges

Colvic Watson
24-10-11, 18:26
These are very expensive new because of the friction hinges, I always liked it because there was never the slightest chance of it closing on anyone's fingers and no gas struts or fittings to fiddle with to get it to stay open, just push it to the desired height and it stays there.

This was replaced with a much inferior unit out of our last boat - after I cracked the perspex 'glass' and I meant to fix it. I had a quote for 32 for new perspex but then didn't fit it :rolleyes:
It doesn't leak and works just fine, but a new glass would be advisable.

It's dimensions are for a 50cm square opening and I think that makes it a size 50. It looks almost identical to the current Lewmar Ocean which sells at this size for 495.

I'm selling this one for 25% of that at 125 plus 10 postage.