View Full Version : Seaweed in Orwell today

12-11-11, 18:27
Lost of clumps of very stringy weed floating down the Orwell today, I was out giving the engine a good run and had to alter course many times to weave in and out of the weed.

Not sure if it would have tangled prop or not thought best to avoid.

Little Grebe
12-11-11, 19:11
There were loads of this stuff in the Deben as well today, no apparant harm to the prop but I noticed a couple of strands were caught round the rudder when slowing down to go into the Tidemill.

High water was a good foot or so below the prediction today but fortunately we crossed the cill without incident. :)

Phoenix of Hamble
12-11-11, 19:32
Happens every now and then... Must be a seasonal thing... Have seen huge mats of it in the north sea