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24-01-12, 19:19
Across the Atlantic that is- 19 days from Mindelo Cape Verdes to Bridgetown Barbados, fairly plain sailing all the way, with F5-6 behind-ish mostly. Usually did 100-120 mile days, a bit slow, but sailed very conservatively (either because we are wimps, or didn't want to break the boat, or were exercising good seamanship,or were **** at sailing, or couldn't be bothered tweaking sails while enjoying the ride, or we did bloomin' good with old sails and no proper downwind rig in a heavy steel boat- take your pick of comments- all accepted!); we also did a little detour to go and chat to some rowers, slowed down to watch whales a couple of times, and slowed down bigtime at the end to arrive in daylight.
I love Barbados so far, incredibly friendly. Just off to inflict my violin playing on other cruisers at a beach party.

24-01-12, 19:31
Congrats - by the sound of it a very enjoyable trip :cool:

24-01-12, 19:37
well done & good time to boot ;)

PS do you play like Stefan

24-01-12, 19:38
Sounds like you had a fantastic trip. Congratulations.

24-01-12, 19:59
Well done. I did it last year in 19 days too. Far better to enjoy the trip than make it a race where there's only one winner.

25-01-12, 02:49
Congrats from me too re your happy and trouble free passage across the pond.
You just missed our Round the Island race on Saturday - clockwise around from Carlisle bay.
Tres Hombres, the classic brigantine anchored further out in the bay, took part, and didnt finish until quite late that night.
I hope that the Harbour Lights night club on the beach is not too noisy........
I am scribbling this note from Chaguaramas in Trinidad, toddled off down here on a couple of survey jobs, but am returning to Bim on Thursday night, and looking forward to meeting yourselves at some stage over a Banks beer (or perhaps a rummy punch.....).

25-01-12, 05:18
That's really great. Have not really done long trips before but our recent one (a little one at that) down to La Rochelle was a little hairy for me to say the least. So I have not been looking forward to any further long term crossings. Having read your news, I am now a little more inspired. Have a blast!

25-01-12, 08:11
Well done indeed, it sounds like you had a great trip.
I am green with envy!!

25-01-12, 08:30
Fantastic well done, hope to follow in your wake soon.

25-01-12, 09:09
I cannot believe you prefer Bermuda in preference to the Laundry room in Brighton marina.
You could have brought your violin in there and played us some of Handles water music... well if you prefer sun and sand in preference to rain, cold and pebbles. I know where I would rather be.... exactly where you are.
Well done... send us a e mail sometime.

27-01-12, 20:46
Well done guys.

You don't always have to sail hard fast (and break stuff possibly):)
Another string to yer bow :cool:

28-01-12, 12:22
Just wanted to say well done. Many, many dream about it - but you have done it.

You are entitled to torture a few innocents with your fiddle playing :D

Erik C
28-01-12, 19:27
Well done, enjoy!

29-01-12, 10:44
I agree with everyone who has posted before... well done!!!

You weren't racing, you were cruising!!!! So who cares how long or short it takes as long as you get there in one piece:)

29-01-12, 14:20
Well done! :cool:

Catch any fish?

29-01-12, 16:28
Excellent stuff. Where to from there?

02-02-12, 03:15
Hi de hi from Bingo night at Prickly Bay Marina bar Grenada.... free wifi but raaaather slow... sorry Bajansailor, I loved Barbados and could have stayed forever, missed having that drink or 2 with you, but had to move on.

I have been a bit shy about saying 'where to' next as I didn't want to jinx it ( or attract 'you don't want to do it like that' comments!) but we are on a bit of a mission to go round the world in a couple of years; we will then rethink(i e find some more money) and go off cruising again a bit slower taking time to smell the roses, ( and buy you that drink bajan!)

So after Grenada it'll probably be one or more of the A B C islands, Cartagena, San Blas Islands, Panama, Galapagos, Marquesas.. you get the picture. Haven't decided on pirate alley or algulhas current yet... re-assess nearer the time.

Maybe we'll catch up with TCM on the world Arc- if he'll talk to us Narcs...

Got to go, rather pisced on rum punches and found a little window of opportunity in the reaaally slow wifi, but haven't actually talked to my family yet!

Oh and a public thankyou to Lenseman for weather messages across the Atlantic, talk properly soon David, wifi here means random access to email/ facebook/twitter/forum, I'm grabbing what I can when I can-

sorry if i'm not replying personally to people, thank you so much for all your messages

Nite nite

03-02-12, 14:07
well done, just spent the last couple of hours reading your adventurers and its great reading....

03-02-12, 14:52
Your name isnt Fred, is it.?