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26-01-12, 17:39
We're selling our 'emergency' SCUBA set comprising:

Tank - steel Faber 12 litre 300 bar cylinder with DIN fitting (and adapter for Yoke fitting) and rubber boot.
Regulator set - Scubapro Mk2 (DIN) first stage, Scubapro R190 second stage, Beauchat analogue console with SPG and depth gauge, hose for octopus (but missing 2nd stage reg), hose to BCD, zip padded bag.
BCD - Beauchat Masterlift Club, medium.
All bought new in 2008 but used only two or three times and in very good condition. Obviously the tank will need testing but it has been kept full so there should be no problem.

250 for the lot, collection from Dartmouth - but happy to discuss selling bits only.

Thanks for looking
Paul and Rachel

26-01-12, 21:40
interested. would you be willing to discuss over the phone?? dave

27-01-12, 10:19
I'm interested - please PM me if it still available.

29-01-12, 16:56

Just in case you have not sold everything, I too am interested in your SCUBA gear. I am trying to put together an 'emergency' set to have on the boat.

Best wishes


29-01-12, 17:15
Hazymoonshine - PM sent

Blueskies Openseas
31-01-12, 13:59
Count us into the fray too please - if no other takers we'll pop down to Dartmouth now.
Thanks Bob

01-02-12, 12:32
Hi Bob
Thanks for your interest. There are still two people 'above you' but it's turning out to be a painfully slow process negotiating by PM. I'll let you know either way by PM as soon as I can.

Regards Paul

Blueskies Openseas
01-02-12, 18:17
Thanks. I'm away on boat from 7 to 24 Feb. Would be good to take if other two drop out quickly. Otherwise we'll take our luck on return.

03-02-12, 11:59