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30-01-12, 12:20
Hi All,

Next South Devon meet is on Friday, Feb 10th at The Thatched Tavern, Maidencombe. The Landlady has reserved the snug area for us, but we may need to move if numbers exceed the space - thus if you can either post here here or send me a PM if you're coming along, I can track numbers. Likewise if anyone wants to order food, we should perhaps advise her of numbers in advance.

Look forward to seeing you then.

Best regards,


30-01-12, 15:56
Hello Robin,
I would loved to come along but can’t make the 10th
Sods law as last missed the lat meet, keep me posted re future meets

30-01-12, 18:52
Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response - hopefully the next one will work out better!

We'll probably go for a Friday again as we concluded that there would be a higher than usual % of 'weekend owners' than some other areas. By that I mean people who work out of the area during the week and who come down to their boat for weekends and holidays. Location will probably vary as we have so many great pubs and quite a wide area of cruising so a variety of waterside meets on the agenda for the summer months I think! :)



31-01-12, 21:38
In case anyone needs directions, take the A379 Teignmouth & Shaldon to Torquay road. The pub is at the bottom of Steep Hill, and is signposted off the A379

From Teignmouth direction:
Take 1st left after entering the Maidencombe 30mph limit down Steep Hill.

From Torquay direction:
Steep Hill is on the right just after Jon Glanvill motors on left, opposite the turn down to Stoke-in-Teignhead. Make sure you take the 2nd of the 2 roads that are close together.

01-02-12, 00:26
I think we will be there

See you then.


07-02-12, 20:37
Thanks NoviceRod for posting up the directions, looking forward to meeting up again. I believe Sheppy is joining us , but not yet heard from any other forumites...

08-02-12, 05:46
Hoping to be there, but can't be certain as yet..................

08-02-12, 14:21
Would love to come over and say hi, but kids ill at the mo with colds and tonsillities, will try to get over if there has been an inprovement, even if it for an hour only, but am i write in saying children are allowed in bar areas.


08-02-12, 21:03
Hi Mark,

Pubs are allowed to permit kids in bars, but up to the individual pub's policy I think? I really can't say about the Thatched Tavern as it's a while since I've been up there. One of the 'locals' will know! :D Your's are little/toddlers aren't they?



08-02-12, 21:50

We are not local so cannot really make the meet unless we are visiting/staying on the boat (Brixham). But, we are looking forward to some future meets when the weather gets better and we can start our season. Will keep a keen eye out for any future dates or early season local cruises that the group might plan.



08-02-12, 22:01
Hi David,

That's no problem - I think there are quite a few who have joined the South Devon Group who live further afield. This is one of the reasons we felt a Friday night would be better as more will be coming down (when it warms up a bit) for a weekend on their boats!

Look forward to welcoming you when you can make it - on or off the water! :D

Best regards,


09-02-12, 08:58
Mark - well behaved kids are welcome. We shall be in the small snug area.

10-02-12, 17:21
Sorry won't be attending, roads very wet and now starting to freeze.

10-02-12, 17:23
LJS - No problem, hopefully see you next time.

For those who can make it, I'll be there from about 7:30 :D

11-02-12, 11:41
Thanks for organising again, Robin
See you at the next one.
And maybe some interesting outings to come.

11-02-12, 14:32
You're welcome - very interesting for me and I'm still working through a few of the old threads you suggested :) (very addictive but informative too!)

Thanks too to Sheppy & NoviceRod - gathering might have been small, but I enjoyed and I'm sure others will join us as the weather picks up.

Enjoy your trip to JW and good luck with the lift etc - we'll look forward to the pictures and feedback.

Will advise on venue for next meet, but March 16th for diaries... :D