View Full Version : Tapered pin Yellow metal? what is it?

Capt Popeye
10-03-12, 00:50
anybody know what this is ? :confused:

any use to anyone ?:confused:

tapered pin with ring one end and toggle other, approx 1.0 (4") long

approx 5/8" dia large end - 1/2" small end

very good condition, found in garage, clearing out odds and sodds !

stated as a 'yellow metal' but might be plated yellow on ?? :confused:

rules say -'state a price' difficult :o

so I say 3 + postage or collection South (best bit) Devon

but as I do not know what it is used for open to any offers and info :o

should now havea pic of item !

Capt Popeye
11-03-12, 11:59

pic now added ! :)

but me not any the wiser :confused:

11-03-12, 12:09
Looks like a drop nose pin for holding an anchor onto a stemhead fitting. I've only ever seen these in SS and non tapered looks very similar otherwise.

11-03-12, 12:33
Retaining pin for a long Dongler attachment?

As per previous posts, it's a drop nose pin for securing something; exactly what is anyone's guess. The fact it is tapered is unusual but not unheard of, unfortunately that probably makes it generally less attractive to potential buyers. They are usually stainless steel these days. It's quite big, so I'll guess at a tabernacle pin, but that's what it is; a guess.

Capt Popeye
11-03-12, 12:34

thank you for your response 'davewarburton' and 'penfold'

like it to go to a 'good home' :)

otherwise' its join the 'metal scrap' taken to the local yard :mad: