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01-12-03, 01:18
Someone asked about making bread in a pressure cooker, in the recent cooking thread.

As usual there are a thousand ways of doing any one thing but try this: use your usual oven bread recipe, only in the pressure cooker; BUT:-

1. Don't lock the lid with a pressure setting, most agree that the bread resulting is lousy (on the other hand some like it - chacun a son wossit - some people even like Mother's Pride, so you can't tell). Just rest the lid on the top - all you're doing is using it as a large pan. That's handy as it'll probably be the biggest pan you've got.

2. Use a sacrificial layer at the bottom. Whatever is at the bottom will get burnt, so after greasing up the pan well (corn oil is good), then sprinkle a thick layer of stuff at the bottom. Flour is no good as it will just become a burnt part of the loaf. I have used muesli, which scrapes off the loaf without too much effort, but there must be several alternatives.

Start out fairly hot for a while then turn it down very low. Some use a flame tamer underneath (an asbestos-type mat thingy). Turn the loaf over after 20 minutes if you remember.

Just suck it and see. I'm not a cook but I succeeded with a turkey and roast potatoes in the Flavel Vanessa last Xmas by being extra cunning, which is probably my finest lifetime achievement...

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01-12-03, 13:08
The one time I tried baking a loaf in a pressure cooker, the result was a new wonder material. Light(ish) yet rock hard, the building industry might have seized on it as a substitute for the breeze (cinder) block.

Alas it was lost to science after I very carefully chiselled the yacht's name on the surface and cast it overboard. It is probably still adrift somewhere in mid Atlantic, a potential hazard to shipping.

06-12-03, 17:46
Hi ! Have to say pressure cooked bread is still to come but I can vouch for cooking "land-type" food on a Flavel Vanessa for about the last 15 years. Have even cooked for a week for 5 - one veggie, two pickie and two normal - roast chicken & 3 veg seemed easy after a week.

My Rayburn at home is better for roasts but has no grill so boat gas cookers beat it hands down in some areas.

Who's first to the perfect loaf ?

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