View Full Version : Am I being too hasty?

27-03-12, 21:57
The boat is in Essex in a boat yard on the Crouch. Original plan was to finish off the work and then get the thing transported down to the south coast. Mulling it over with #2 Daughter at dinner this evening, the thought occured to both of us at the same time that it may be a good idea to spend a month or so exploring the river and some of the coast in the area.

I've already paid for the mooring in Chichester. Its empty and there. I'll need to find somewhere at reasonable cost on the east coast for a few weeks. Going by what I'm paying for hardstanding, I can see mooring being as much, if not more, than down south. Its a thought, and I doubt wether I'd have the time or inclination to return to the east once the boat gets moved. Should I or shouldn't I?

27-03-12, 22:04
of course, do the exploring bit on the East Coast first. For the memories, as much as anything.

28-03-12, 06:39
Do it while you're already there - a great opportunity!

The mooring in Chichester will always be empty some of the time, even though you're paying for all the time.

One has to see some costs as spread over the long-term, rather than basing every decision on too close-sighted a financial view. Its a cruising yacht after all.

Just make sure the boat doesn't leak, then go explore.

28-03-12, 06:46
Exploring locally seems a good idea. After you have got to know her and feel confident in her, perhaps get a couple of friends and sail her back to Chichester?

28-03-12, 06:51
One of the cheapest places on the East Coast is Bridgemarsh on the Crouch. See if they can give you a few weeks there. From there, it's a easy sail to the Medway area, Blackwater/Colne, the Walton Backwaters or the Orwell/Stour, and it's worth trying the Deben and Ore/Alde (slightly further) while you are there. Even the posh marinas (and Bridgemarsh is far from posh) are a whole lot cheaper than most of the South coast ones. If you decide to do that, send one of the Bridgemarsh residents (me, chattingLil, silverdawn, and a fwe more, FullCircle isn't there at the moment) a PM, and we'll show you around.

28-03-12, 07:49
Get that boat into the water!!!

Take the tide from Burnham up to the Butt and Oyster!!! (On the Orwell)
then take the tide back to Brightlingsea or Bradwell ... Then you can take the high water passage over the The Ray Sand back into the Crouch...
Explore the Blackwater, stop over in Heybridge Basin and West Mersea... Take in the Company Shed
Wander up to Pagglesham...
Don't forget North Fambridge and the Ferry Boat
You must not forget the Walton Backwaters... Or the Deben
Ipswich is interesting..
So is Half penny peer at Hawich.... Get the picture?

We don't promise to convert you to an East Coaster ... But you will have enjoyed a wonderful cruising ground before you leave...

Send a pm if you would like help crossing the Thames esturary... The sand banks are interesting and no whee as scary as they appear on the charts...