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11-04-12, 15:40
I have a Navman R3100 Repeater Instrument for sale, unused and still in its box.

It repeats most NMEA 0183 data so it can be hooked up to almost anything as an additional display.

It also repeats any Navbus Data coming from Navstar 3100 series instruments and plotters or Northstar 310 Series and plotters.

99 plus P&P or collect from Gosport

A versatile repeating unit used to display data other instruments onboard.
The Navman R3100 delivers all the information available from any of Navman's 3100 Series instruments and NMEA data from virtually any other instrument.
A simple solution to repeat a mix of data in multiple locations.
Can be used as a GPS repeater for Navman GPS or any other GPS receiver (NMEA compatible).
100mm backlit display with 30mm high on upper line and 20mm high on lower line
Swap functions between the upper and lower displays for optimum viewing
Able to display speed from the paddle wheel sensor or from a GPS as SOG
Speed range: 0-50 knots/0-58 mph/0-93 km/h
Trip and sum logs auto range to 19,999 units
Average and maximum speeds
Displays Speed in knots, MPH or KPH
Select resolution of 0.1 or 0.01
Trim speed function for tuning
Variable damping for optimum readings in all conditions
Countdown timer function (from 1 to 10 min.)
Water Temperature (0C to 37.7C /32F to 99.9F )
NMEA 0183 outputs (PTTKV, vHW, MTW, vLW, PTTRD, DBT, DPT)
Displays depth to a maximum of 400 feet/130 metres
Too deep and too shallow alarms (run both at once to provide anchor watch facility)
Adjustable keel offset (3.0m)
External alarm option (visual or audible)
Supplied standard with protection cover.
Simple installation with Navman's through bulkhead mounting tube system
NZ designed and manufactured

The functions and spec for the replacement Northstar instrument are here: