View Full Version : Pinout Seatalk2 connector (C120 classic)

28-07-12, 15:16
Anyone that knows the pinout for the Seatalk2 connector used on the old C-series (see picture below). To connect to a SeatalkNG network, do you need to connect all (power) wires, or is it enough to just connect blue and white (data signals) as the C120 is powered through a separate cable?


29-07-12, 11:13
You can buy a Seatalk2 to SeatalkNG adaptor cable for a few quid, part number A06048.

29-07-12, 13:16
I know, except it is not available/in stock here, and I am really not looking for that cable, but for the pinout (although if I had that cable, it would be easy enough to find out the pinout).

The reason I ask is that I believe the C120 service manual could have a misprint, or the pin numbering used for that connector is very strange.

Assuming the pins are numbered

3 2 1
5 4

The service manual documents the pinout as:


But when I look at the circuit board it looks like 2 should be GND and 3 should be +12V.

BTW, is it normal that the Seatalk2 diagnostics screen in the C-series displays around 10 packets received/second without anything connected?

29-07-12, 17:04
Ok I have confirmed the pinout to be

1 shield
2 ground
3 +12v
4 data+
5 data-