View Full Version : What are Shell Openings and Fittings?

30-07-12, 06:50
I've got my insurance renewal come through, and they've asked me to check the condition of my Shell Fittings and Shell Openings, what are these please?

30-07-12, 07:23
Hi there, these are all of the skin fittings & seacocks. (cooling water/WC/ cockpit drains etc) Make sure all below the waterline are fitted with valves to turn off/on, the valves are working & the pipework is in good condition & well attached. They have to be metal (unless they are purpose built non metal specifically for underwater which is unlikely) & free from corrosion that would cause failure.
All above waterline must have well attached pipework although provided they are not too close to waterline can be any material with or without valves.

John Lilley

30-07-12, 07:28
Thanks, I wondered if it was another word for seacocks. I got confused cos another question asks me to check all plumbing and fixings for heads etc. Thought this would cover seacocks.

Thanks John, I can post it off now :)

30-07-12, 07:32
They sound like bivalves to me.

30-07-12, 19:36
It's the buttons & zipper on your sailing shell suit . . .

30-07-12, 21:13
ey ey cam down