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09-03-04, 19:47
Ive just discovered today that my local MP (James Plaskitt, Warwick and Leamington Spa) is on the treasury select committee.
Would this be a committee that would have any sort of input into the RD issue, anybody know the inner workings of Westminster and is is worth me lobbying and generally harangueing him ??


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09-03-04, 19:57
Dont think anyone knows what goes on in Westminster. Least so those that inhabit the place. Doubt anyone could influence what goes on. Think the MP's just muddle up whats happening anyway.

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09-03-04, 20:02
But you could try, IIRC, www.faxyourmp.com or an URL like that, google for it. I've done so before and actually got a response re ID cards.

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10-03-04, 08:41
Why not ask him? he is supposed to be there to help the people who voted for him,
if he is not responsible maybe he know a person that is.

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10-03-04, 09:13

If you were a bird watcher and the lesser spotted sparkly flit was in danger of disappearing from your back garden due to the likely imposition of a lawn seed tax you probably wouldn't hesitate to contact your MP. So why not? Go for it.

The fact of the matter is that whether your MP is directly connected or not, James Plaskitt is the only mechanism you have outside of corporate bodies like the RYA of making your feelings known. Other interest groups seem very good at this; on boating we tend, individually, to be fairly apathetic as a breed (outside of these forums at least).

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh but in approaching two decades of working on boating publications have always noticed a 'can't you do something?' stance. Okay, so mags should campaign on important issues - absolutely. But perhaps the time has come for individuals to exert some pressure too.

While you are at it, if you feel so inclined, why not let us know what happened on here? Other users might report back on their MPs too -- could be quite interesting!

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10-03-04, 09:32
Kim, you are so right. As a whole Boaters seem to be a pretty apathetic lot (me included) and we just sigh and say "Kismet" when things are foisted on us. The exception seems to be "Narrowboaters" (excuse me while I quickly rinse my mouth with Dettol) they seem to have a Lobby an a par with that other lot. . . "Ramblers" ... (Now I really do have to scrub my mouth out)

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10-03-04, 09:40
I Wholly agree with Mr Hollamby (for a change) I cannot Post at present ? but feel that more should be made of the www.faxyourmp.com facility put forward by Andrew Fanner in his previous post. I have now written to my MP using this facility and found it great, so far, (with the exception of not being able to keep a copy of my mail? but I am sure that it is possible ). I believe that all members of the Boating fraternity should do as Andrew says and spend a couple of minutes writing exactly how they feel about anthing effecting boating including raggies :o)) costs of moorings price of canvas, Dare I say even diesel price?


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10-03-04, 10:22
Hey guys just out of interest, what price do you pay for diesel in the UK.
Is this red diesel tax exempt.
Down here (Aus) we are paying between 85 to 95 cents a lt.
This includes road tax and you don't see too many large cruisers on the hiway.


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10-03-04, 10:42
Right then, a formal written approach to said Mr Plaskitt to try and get him on side
will be on it's way shortly.
I'll copy it back here and keep you updated on any replies/feedback.


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10-03-04, 11:58
I have also Faxed my MP about it - maybe if this takes off, we will need a
forum about it? /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

I will also keep you all upto date on developments / replies

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10-03-04, 12:14

Road (white) Diesel is around 80 pence per litre while red (tax exempt) is about 32 ppl.


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10-03-04, 20:36
I have emailed my MP in East Anglia, I got a prompt reply to say he has questioned the chancellor's office but had no reply and as the budget is a week away its not likely he will get anyjoy.

I think we must all make our MPs do what they are payed for to support the people who put them there.


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15-02-06, 18:24
Did I see Byron praising Narrowboaters???

Good on you Byron /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif