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26-05-13, 17:22
Hi there,

This is a bit of a long shot as Fleming self steering isn't very common but if anyone has any knowledge of them some help would be grately appreciated.

The issue is, when the wind vane is in the vertical position, the gear (semi-circular cog) that turns the servo-pendulum blade is now where near in the central position. From what I can see, the bar that pushes down on the gear needs to be about 40mm shorter in order for both the wind vane and the gear to be in their central positions.

The effect of this is that when the wind vane is vertical, the servo-pendulum blade is not anywhere close to being straight in-line with the boat.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,


26-05-13, 18:49
Not that uncommon, Jessica Watson used one and there are a few videos on YouTube.

Do you have a manual?

26-05-13, 19:23
Not unlike my Windpilot (or most other servo pendulum systems). Looks like the problem could simply need adjustment of the push rod adjuster (parts 9, 10 on p30 of the manual); or perhaps the bevel gears are assembled incorrectly.