View Full Version : Wifi reception booster for ipad2?

08-07-13, 18:42
Hi anybody found a reasonable wifi reception booster for an iPad2? We find plenty of cafe's with free wifi but with a weak output. Being lazy and cheap we would rather have our coffee on our aft deck so a booster becomes a necessity. If anybody can suggest a good one let us know.

08-07-13, 19:23
We have started to use swmbo's mobile phone, a 3 contract phone, that our Pads can connect with. Ned to watch the amount of usage, but ok nonetheless.

08-07-13, 20:03
Best solution which works for me is a high gain antenna connected to a cheap TLink HP router which itself is connected to a DDWRT router.
The TLink router connects to the external WiFi internet
The DDWRT (Linksys) router creates an internal WiFi LAN which any of your guests or any WiFi kit can then connect to.
The basic kit has been working well for several years
It does need a bit of understanding to get it all going but the system works well,
The DDWRT (Linksys) router also creates a secure VPN tunnel to my home network.
Lots of benefits in a system like this.

Jsy Phil
08-07-13, 21:19
Hi, I have a WirieAP which is both a signal booster and wifi access point, it easily picks up signals within 1/2 mile in built up area, greater in open areas and is very simple to use, all 12v as well.

Spi D
09-07-13, 05:25
Nowadays development within mobile internet access builds on 3G and 4G. Pocket sized routers running off rechargeable battery or USB with built-in SIM-cards connect to the best possible network and present itself to your devices as a wi-fi hotspot.

For peace of mind it needs a flat rate subscription or, if travelling, an agreement that allows connection to any local network at local rates. Still pay per use, but at lower rates.

I'm testing both versions (routers for up to 5 and up to 32 connetced devices) and see quite impressive speed. Simultaneous browsing on two devices and movie streaming on a third runs without any issues, nice and smooth. Despite 4G's theoretical 72 mbit bandwidth reality is somewhat less (depending on location, coverage, equipment and setup), but I often see 40 mbit and that is more than enough even for heavy downloading.

The routers seem to have better reception (antenna) than most mobile phones (way better than my iPhone).

The routers on test are Huawei and ZTE brands.

09-07-13, 12:39
I've used the iBoost from http://www.motorhomewifi.com/catalog/iboost-wifi-system/ with great success, it's got a bespoke configuration interface which makes it easy to set up without in depth network/router config knowledge. No connection BTW, just a happy customer.

09-07-13, 14:59
I use a digital yacht WL510. Works well but pricey.

09-07-13, 16:42
I have had experience with the Globesurfer 3g router connected to an external aerial for 3G. Yachtspot has quite a good product for wifi - not sure how expensive it is, or what your budget is! It may be very expensive, but worth a try!

09-07-13, 16:44
Look at the tread last autumn. My R36 and Alfa high gain aerial gets all the marinas in the hamble and is excellent if you 'see' a bt hotspot.

Ee 4g mifi also fab