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18-05-04, 19:36
Anyone have any actual weather info on route from Dubrovnik to Corfu at present - Tuesday 18 May.
Forecasts are from smooth/slight seas 5-15 knts wind, with gusts varying up to F8.
Awaiting weather window for delivery.
Boat is wooden & does not like much water on the deck, so choppy sea, particularly on the nose would be a problem.

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18-05-04, 21:12
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.poseidon.ncmr.gr/weather_forecast.html>http://www.poseidon.ncmr.gr/weather_forecast.html</A>

Fantastically accurate for Greece, shows the Corfu end of the trip.

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18-05-04, 22:13
Thanks, but already got weather forecast from Croatia. Hoping for info from someone actually in that area to confirm conditions.

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19-05-04, 14:15
Check out one or two of my sites below - some give current conditions. I can only say (looking out of my window in Trieste), that it's sunny, calm and with stable conditions. Slight breeze expected on the coast but nothing wild.

<hr width=100% size=1>Adriatic links here: <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.comoy.com/saillinks.html>http://www.comoy.com/saillinks.html</A>

20-05-04, 12:09
my last voyage was on the good ship "Venus", and the sea was mostly static.

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21-05-04, 17:35
I get my Adriatic weather in summary from the meteomar section of eurometeo
at http://www.eurometeo.com/english/meteomar/id_2
Shows southerlies till at least Sunday. Wait till the troughs have wandered off
and the northwesterlies will return sometimes fresh at first but then
stabilising at 5 to 25 kts depending on the time of day and local factors.
It can freshen up as you near Corfu but reefed down you won't reach any
dangerous speeds. Some sites give actual windspeed at nearby airports
such as Preveza, where on an average day the wind will vary from light
easterly in the early hours to fresh northwesterly in the late afternoon.
Basically in the summer going south in the Adriatic is straightforward, it's
beating north that's challenging! And I'm going to do it again this summer.

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