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09-06-04, 14:06
Could any one explain if they think that crossing over to the Isle of Mann from Liverpool in a 19 foot Maxum .4.3 lt 175 hp mercruiser inboard engine speedboat would be foolhardy, and if not any tips on going about such a trip ?
Is there a more suitable location to launch the crossing from ?

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09-06-04, 15:11
That's an 80 odd mile trip. Speaking as someone that takes an 21' 4.3l 195hp mercruiser all over the place, it's doable, given a very good settled weather forecast and light to moderate sea conditions.

However, the fact that you are asking the question suggests you may not really be experienced enough to undertake that sort of trip, as it could turn out to be quite 'exciting' if the sea conditions worsen while you are a long way out to sea with no nearby save havens to bolt to.

You'd also want to be fully equipped with offshore flares and possibly a hired life raft. At that distance, fuel also becomes an issue - not for a good trip across, but in case you have to slow down, in which case fuel consumption rises, and you will need to consider how to carry plenty of contingency, and how to refuel while out at sea.

PS this sort of question better posted in the Motor Boat Chat forum. This particular forum is for a planned cross channel cruise to France using non electronic navigation

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25-07-04, 20:05
hi folks.....saw the mention of the isle of man and seeing as i have a trip planned there need some advice,,, as its my first real big trip in my boat.....

i have a 21 foot beneteau first 211, RCD class B.
im planning to leave dublin early on a friday morning, and head to the IOM to arrive port st mary round 9pm that night. then return early sun morn....

i havent done a trip like this before, so far from land.... i have done dublin to carlingford a few times. any advice greatly appreciated... i have gps, sat fone, charts, zodiac dinghy, flares etc....

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25-07-04, 20:16
I'd post on Scuttlebutt forum for more in depth advice. In a sailing boat, many of the issues that I mentioned in previous post do not apply to you.

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