View Full Version : "Storm" Poole

15-08-04, 22:24
I have said it once, I shall say it again.
"Storm" is fantastic (best if you like fish though) It is a little pricy so don't go more than once or you won't be able to afford the diesel to get home!

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14-04-05, 13:57
Where in Poole is it?

14-04-05, 18:32
Just up from the quay, just past the Antelope. I had fish but my other half had steak and wouldn't stop talking about it for weeks. Highly recomended, enjoy

19-04-05, 20:45
And don't foreget the Fisherman's Cafe, just down the High St from Storm towrds the quay. For the following morning, the best breakfast on the south coast.

25-04-05, 14:50
Tried Storm on Friday Night. It was really good! Very friendly and great fresh fish. Not cheap but certainly value for money...