View Full Version : Airport tax-free - can yachts do likewise?

23-10-04, 14:56
It's a long time since I went through an airport but I believe you can buy goods tax-free when you travel abroad. Does anyone know if it is possible for yachtmen to get the same benefit?
Next year I want to take a yacht to the Caribbean, hopefully for a couple of years or more. Since I am doing the same thing as someone travelling to the Caribbean by aeroplane, can I get the same tax-free benefits on cameras, radios, etc? If so, how?

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23-10-04, 20:59
I believe the limit on 'gifts' to be in the order of 140. I think the officer has discretion to allow you stuff bought as neccesity and well used, e.g clothing. I guess everything else has payable duty plus a penalty and/or confiscation if not declared.

They have more power than the police.

There are well documented stories of people who have come unstuck.

There should be HM Customs on this site by Monday if you are patient!

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