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30-01-05, 08:10
I just cleaned up my 2hp Johnson's (from OMC) carburetor lately and tried to make a test run on land before I use it on the dinghy.

I found that there was a hole just right after the propeller and assume that's the raw water intake to cool down the engine. Since I don't have a large bucket to hold the outboard. So, I hooked that hole up with a water supplied hose.

When I fired it up, I can't see there was any water coming out from the engine(obviously no water pumped in).

Dose anyone know that this outboard is air-cooled? And, any idea what's the hole after the propeller used for?


30-01-05, 08:58
I doubt that the 'hole' was the water intake but sounds like the lower part of the exhaust system. You don't say how large the hole is, but the water intake is usually quite apparent and is, I believe, on the underside of the cavitation plate. If you want to test the motor, why not take the prop off and stand it in a bucket, or better still, part fill a dustbin and use that.

The Johnson is definitely not air-cooled, so either the water connection was incorrect or, more likely, the impeller has failed. If the motor has been idle for a while it's possible that the impeeler blades have got stuck and been damaged when you tried to start the motor. It happens!!

If running with proper immersion doesn't work, I'd whip the leg off and check the impeller.

Cheers, Jerry

30-01-05, 09:32
Jerryat quite right to a point. I've got one of these and the water intake is a series of slots just behind the prop. I agree that if you do the checks he suggests and no water comes out it is probably the impeller.

However, no need to take of the leg. Take off the prop (split pin) and behind it you will find two bolts. Undo these, remove a small oval plate and the impeller is accessible. It can easily be removed with long nosed pliers if you don't have a puller.

Chances are the pin that holds on the impeller has stripped the inside. Fit a new impeller & hopefully it will be OK.

I had exactly the same problem a couple of years ago and found sand etc had got into the water intake seizing up the impeller over the winter. Now I remove it at the end os the season and put it back in the spring - takes about 10 mins max.. No problems since then. Hope this helps