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17-02-05, 10:23
Any one found an insurer willing to cover over the Atlantic, into the Carribbean, and possibly beyond into the Pacific? For two adults and two kids.....This would be for a period of upto and over two years. Companies asked here wanted the insured person to renew anually back in UK, a tad tricky if you are 3,000miles away. So we want continuous cover, without having to return to UK in person to tick boxes.

17-02-05, 12:51
If yo do find some place please post here.

I will do the same if my searches turn something up.


17-02-05, 13:01
We have decided to ge with Endsleigh's back-packer/adventure travel policy. Covers loads of activities, including sailing in territorial waters - we figured if we weren't in territorial waters, then we'd be reliant upon our own first aid skills anyway...

They do discounts if there are 2 people travelling together - but don't know what their premiums are like for kids. They quoted us for a 24 month policy - which can be renewed whilst you are abroad.