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19-03-05, 12:16
Has anyone used the NAVIGATOR 4.5 program from Brazil.It looks very impressive. A bit like SEACLEAR 11.

19-03-05, 17:45
Sorry after checking the site and reading through - the chart range and formats is extremely limited. It seems to only import graphics .....

OK - in full version it has astro as well as charting .... but then Seaclear is FREE, this Nav 4.5 is not.

Seaclear wins I feel ....

19-03-05, 23:05
Yes I know that SEACLEAR is free, but they both work the same, scanning and importing your oun charts. I still havn't worked out how SEACLEAR works.
The way they others are going with no same standard, and opdating from day to day, one would be a fool to invest in such system...

20-03-05, 00:17
Yes it looks very good at first glance, I like the idea of making vector charts from raster screens.
It's celestial navigation tools seem well developed, and therefore is going to suit blue water guys very well.
However, it's NMEA features seem extremely limited, I could not find mention of any NMEA output facilities for autopilot for instance.
Anyway I'm downloading it to have a good look.
I would have to say that it's got some way to go to compete with Seaclear, which is now highly developed, even to the extent of having an integrated AIS system.


20-03-05, 03:29
The trail version is a very early one and not the same at all.
Navigator was made for people using sextant, not gps, but it can be used. Any program that dosn't tie you to one system has to be better.

20-03-05, 10:26
Seaclear will use BSB / KAP and various other chart formats in addition to scanned. Nav 4.5 only uses limited graphic scanned formats ....

As to using Seaclear .... its one of the easiest to use ..... The manual included with the installation is straight forward without high tech language.

To import any chart into Seaclear you use the companion program Mapcalc ..... once directorys and charts are imported .... then use Seaclear charting program.

It is grossly unfair to comment on a program if you haven't read the manual and followed its direct and simple steps.

I have Seaclear on my notebook and from day one have had no trouble at all - except where some bsb charts were displaced geographically - but that was a fault in the bsb charts and not seaclear.

Honest - read the manual, mapcalc import your charts and I know you will then find a different story.

20-03-05, 10:32
Nav 4.5 ties you to scanned charts only. Ok so it has astro and calculation routines ... but lets look at whats missing :

Proprietary chart format use (BSB, NOS, GEO, MAP etc)
AIS display
NMEA in / out full data flow
Waypoint upload / download
Autopilot control

I thinks thats enough to get on with. BUT Seaclear gives you the above and its free !!! Note that I am not connected to Seaclear in any way - I am just a very satisfied user.

As to Astro and tides etc. - there are many programs on Web that can be downloaded to cover all the rest you need.

Of course join the GPS Nav Group and over 1100 members worldwide will answerr almost all there is to think about - including commercial charting companys ....



20-03-05, 12:18
On the Seaclear subject, can I get the charts scaned by someone else or do I need to do my own? I have Imray for the whole of the SE Britain and the Solent pack.

20-03-05, 12:20
I read the note and still cant get a chart to disply with my seaclear? I think the only way ill ever manage is to go along to smeone else that uses and understands sea clear.

In theory sea clears wonderful! Ive been trying for months and have even got cmaps which wont open at all not easy if you havent got some one to advise you

20-03-05, 13:33
I had the same problem, the scanned chart has to be converted to another file format. That part of it was hard to fine.

20-03-05, 15:33
Follow page 19 and it drops into place ......

Seaclear can display from various graphic formats - but its acutally better to use Mapcal to make WCI files of the chart scans - gives quicker and better performance, the WCI file carries all calabration info with it, so in fact you can copy them to a memory stick, cd, floppy, etc. etc . to use on various machines without using hard drive space ....

The method I use is to have all graphics scanned to cd and then import / convert these to wci into a chart directory on hard drive. Then calibrating each and saving as each calibration is added. <TIP> When calibrating a chart, save calibration as EACH point is calibrated - that way you reduce work each time you pick another point to use for calibration, as cursor position will be displayed etc. It will also show up bad scans for distortion etc.<>
Once I have all calibrated and saved - I then cut a cd-r with them and empty the hard drive. From the menu now reset directorys to that of the cd and let it re-list all charts .... now you have a chart folio system that is truly portable between pc's - as long as all pc's know to look on the cd for charts.
If you have BSB / KAP, NOS / GEO charts etc. - you can have those on cd as well, I usually set a different directory for WCI and other chart formats ... so that you have direct split. Setting directory in mapcal will set-up Seaclear fine.

So read page 19 onwards and it is not that hard honest ...... !!!


Unless of course this entire thread is a trade plug for Navigator 4.5 ?????

I have nothing against Nav 4.5 - just think that such a limited chart range is not suitable for a software program that charges a fee .... considering that Ozi-Explorer, WinGps, Seaclear etc. etc. are shareware / freeware and actually have wider chart format ranges and do more via NMEA ..... sorry - not convinced about Nav 4.5 ......

21-03-05, 07:04
Sorry, I have to (sea)clear this up. I asked if anyone had tried it,(Navigator) not about how it works. Seaclear looks fine, it was just harder to find the info. M'm new to this, so many words are also new to me.
.I did join the yahoo group, but first time I open it,I found 50 emails I havn't asked for, so I droped out.
Seaclear and Navigator both works with your own scanned charts, and that was what I was after. No need to buy a plotter and the like.One need not fear a sudden update of soft or hardware, leaving you with more outdated stuff. I have enough of that.
Now I shall return to dreamland.

Sorry for my writing not always being correct, I'm a native DANE. /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif

21-03-05, 11:29
My apologies if I offended ... that certainly is not the want.

In the Yahoo group - you can turn off the e-mail bit or have a daily digest etc. It is a good group that has a lot of information available.

We all started and had to sort it out - its actually should be easier now - as electronic charting and nav is becoming so common now ...... and more people can help others get started.

Please don't give up ..... and so you are a Dane ..... Great. I have Swedish, Latvian, Russian, Danish, Dutch etc. friends / people I work with and nationality should never be a problem.

21-03-05, 11:42
I'm looking for mapcal , can't find it. Also my manual only has 15 pages, where is the others hiding ? Do they come with the mapcal download?
Thanks for the info on yahoo, I'll try it again. Now has to apply all over again.
Good news is, I have 12 month to find out and learn all I can.
I live in Brisbane which is a stopover and rest point for around the world sailors. /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

21-03-05, 19:23
Mapcal is a separate program from Seaclear ..... Mapcal_2 in the main Seaclear directory.

As to the number of pages .... I refer to the english manual. I have no idea about Danish one etc. The section you need is after the <Configuration> chapter and titled : <Installing Charts>

Believe me - well worth sorting it out .... if any more help needed PM me and I will gladly help .....

22-03-05, 10:36
Just found it all, thanks, now I can have a good look. Thanks again