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28-03-05, 16:03
I have this happy problem each year. I keep my boat in Greece and spend the summer eating lotuses (and sailing). This means wasting hours on the web trying to find a cheap way there. As I now live in Herault my choices seem to be limited to

1. Driving to Venice and getting a ferry.

2. Flying to Stansted and finding a cheap flight from there.

Charters have an annoying habit of wanting to know when I am returning. (Who knows)

Please use the enormous experience available on any question on this site to advise me.

28-03-05, 17:23
I, also, keep my boat in Greece and travel there about 4 times a year. I drive once a year, and use the Brindisi to Igoumenitsa ferry and use Easyjet for the other trips.
In your situation I would suggest Ryanair from France to Stanstead, then coach to Luton, then Easyjet to Athens.
If your boat is based in the Corfu / Levkas area then you might find it possible to fly Stanstead to Brindisi with Ryanair, then take the ferry to Greece.
I live in Cornwall and find getting to the UK airport the most expensive and arduous part of the whole trip.

I have often used the Greek KTEL coaches and found them to be cheap and efficient. They have a web site which shows all the journey times.

I have never booked a Greek ferry in advance - and never had a problem getting a ticket at the port.

All the flights and UK coach bookings can be made via the Internet, well in advance of the journey.

I'll be watching this thread too - someone might have found a better way.

29-03-05, 06:09
We live and work in Greece, based on an island close to Athens, but go to France for a few weeks each winter. We've found the most comfortable way is to drive to Patras and take the ferry to Venice. Off-season it isn't expensive and it saves a lot of driving.

We know Brits who swear by the Ancona route, but we prefer Venice as we've been hit by snow in Italy in the afternoon and ending up having to find a hotel for the night.

I would book if you can - we once turned up in Venice to find that, although we could have a cabin, there was no room for vehicles. The ferry was completely full of used cars being shipped to Greece.

Within Greece, you only need to book at weekends around Athens, and on special holidays. As you may not know when these are, again I would advise booking if you can, but if you are travelling midweek there shouldn't be a problem just turning up.



29-03-05, 10:52
We use the Venice-Igou.- Corfu ferry as the Ancona line is only slightly cheaper, requires an additional trip on the landing craft Igou. to Corfu and requires a lot more driving.

The ferries were relatively empty on this occasion but we have known them to be full to bursting.

I wouldn't worry too much about snow in northern/central Italy; Switzerland is more likely to be affected.

Our usual pattern is :- early morning Channel crossing (this time Speedferries 7.00am) drive to within 30 miles or so (Verona or Brescia) stay overnight and complete the drive to Venice (easy) for the 1400hrs sailing. Return, we arrive in Venice at 7.00am local, drive to St Omer or St Quentin and cross again by early ferry from Boulogne or Dover.

Driving time Dover- Venice is around 12 hours and mostly on very good roads.

A new alternative to Corfu by air will soon be Ryanair to Brindisi and then by seaplane to Gouvia Marina but it will involve a day stop over in Brindisi as the only flight to Corfu leaves at the same time as you are taking off from Stanstead.

Steve Cronin

29-03-05, 13:21
We are using the Ancona/Patras ferry at the end of the month, One thing I would check out as regards the seaplane you mentioned is the baggage allowance, I have heard it is just hand baggage, so is really intended for pleasure type exursion trips only. This is only hearsay,I have not checked personaly as we are going a different route.

29-03-05, 14:14
Oh yes, the baggage allowance is small but since we keep all the clothes we need on board throughout the summer. hand luggage is all we need. The proposed 105 fare is appealing though. It is due to start in June when the bigger plane gets back from duties in the tsunami region.

Steve Cronin

29-03-05, 14:51
Air Sea Lines website (http://www.airsealines.com/)

The baggage free allowance is 13kg but they allow more for a supplementary fee

Steve Cronin

30-03-05, 16:20
As per a previous post, I am taking the boat down to Preveza this summer. Several people suggested that I get a local flight to Athens and a budget airline (Easyjet) to Gatwick coming back. On the internet this looks like about 200 for two people tops. Have I missed something? Surely driving means you have to leave your car somewhere all summer and this surely is not ideal?

30-03-05, 17:10
We only do it beginning and end of the season so that we can get the boat cover on and off and any new gear (this year a new outboard & dinghy plus two repaired cabin doors) out there. Otherwise it's Thompson flights - one way from Luton this may at 78.48.

Steve Cronin

31-03-05, 19:54
Isnt the problem that your departure date from Greece is unknown , so you cant book until close to departure by which time the Easyjet price has gone up ?
BTW - Im also joining the exodus and taking my boat to Lefkas in June so I'm contemplating the same issues except I have a crew of 4 to fly home.

04-04-05, 14:18
I kept my boat in Preveza marine for six years and never drove there. There is a firm that does a lorry delivery service to Lefkas if you're determined to get some heavy gear there. I have taken some pretty heavy suitcases on charter flights to Preveza/Lefkas airport. Last summer we coldn't get charter direct, but Olympic to Athens and crop sprayer to Preveza wasn't any more
expensive. Obviously Easyjet is the cheapest way to Athens only.
Lat year however I bit the bullet and sailed Aqua Blue up to Trieste and had her lifted at Monfalcone, Nautec Marine, recomended by Lucien Comoy.
Now I will drive to north Italy taking really heavy gear like a new gearbox and windlass for a serious refit. The Adriatic is very good sailing and not as stupidly hot as Greece. We now sleep well under bedcovers!
Exscuse typos but am one handed after skiing trip!!!

04-04-05, 14:31
We only do it beginning and end of the season so that we can get the boat cover on and off and any new gear (this year a new outboard & dinghy plus two repaired cabin doors) out there. Otherwise it's Thompson flights - one way from Luton this may at 78.48.

[/ QUOTE ]

As a regular "commuter" to Porto Heli I'm always on the hunt for cheap tickets (thanks Richard for the deal last year BTW!!)

It seems to me that easyjet have put their prices up this year by about 30%...

Can't seem to find a good place to get charter flights so a knowledgable charter flight agent recommendation would be appreciated!

09-04-05, 18:09
just reading the going to greece thread and i thought it worth mentioning i am going to kefalonia via patras may 1st 2005 and returning by 23rd of may ...in a toyota van ,empty on return journey! if anyone wants a ride back to south coast uk or needs anything bringing back from greece then contact me ,grafozz.

09-04-05, 19:27
What's the best place to buy a boat in Greece? Any ideas? Looking for a trustworthy broker who can also help with tax/registration etc. Boat around 38 foot typical ex charter, Bavaria 38 or similar. Thanks for your help,