View Full Version : 1st april wx for 10th-11th more hopeful

01-04-05, 12:21
the runes say that the weather might be 4-5 NW on the saturday, decreasing sunday. Which might be ok!

crewise, not heard from tico recently...

also the newbie seth efrican crew need visas whih mite be okay or not.

01-04-05, 12:29
Yeh I had a quick look this morning and things looknig better from 10th ish, will do some proper looking when I get home as the network bods are getting a bit offish at the no of sat images I have downloaded....bah humbug!

Visas should not be that difficult should they...er on second thoughts I have no clue!

01-04-05, 23:09
Where do you get these monster long range forecasts from? I can only find 132hr ones.

02-04-05, 18:11
www.wetterzentrale.de (http://www.wetterzentrale.de) gives nine day synoptic, and weatheronline.co.uk gives longer than that by premium rate phonecall. www.windguru.cz (http://www.windguru.cz) also gives 180 hrs

03-04-05, 09:21
IMHO you can't reply on any forecast greater than 72hours. Falmouth to La Coruna is approx 430 NM at say 12knots = 36 hours. The next dodgy bit is Finnesterre (sp) and once past that, there are plenty of places to duck into if this suddenly get nasty - 3 x Rias, Byonna...

04-04-05, 20:05
8th> looks good.

04-04-05, 20:35
does it now.... lets keep fingers crossed! MY boss had the cheek to try and book me into a meeting on Friday, can you believe it? Soon sorted that out!

Have you got the route all planned then Mr Moose?

05-04-05, 08:30
OK... still here.
Sorry, been incommunicado (house bashing) for the last 10 days or so.

Now caught up on details, so will stay onnline for updates.

05-04-05, 08:32
Free as from Sat early pm

05-04-05, 09:00
OK ... make that late am!