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08-04-05, 15:33
I have been trawling through NHS and European sites re the NHS and the E111 and came across the following.

"full NHS treatment is available for any British citizen working on ships registered in the UK"

a) The NHS official description for this lucky category is "mariners"

b) What about UK citizens not WORKING aboard, but merely "being there" or retired, on a boat ie the merry band of liveaboard yotties in the Mediterranean.

c) Rumours have it that those liveaboards on a boat with a Certificate of British Registry are accepted, the SSR, not.

d) If one could simply claim "mariner" status by having, or switching to the full British Certificate, it would allow Med live aboards to live peacefully and joyfully as we are meant to do, and avoid juggling with how to fill in the E111 and meeting the new regulations, which incidentally are actually not too bad if you carefully read ALL the exceptions. (for a full appraisal go to www.expatica.com (http://www.expatica.com))

e) I know that once you buy or even rent property locally you will have insurmountable problems, so you have to be a true liveaboard.

f) In case of medical problems your Med liveaboard could then either use local health services which the E111 gives, or get some kindly soul to shovel him/her onto a plane, train or car to the UK .

I have tried to get information directly from the authories but this is difficult from abroad and the best answer was "to write us a letter"

Is there a barrack rool lawyer around with patience and persistence to prise information from the NHS and maybe the DSS?

09-04-05, 07:57
Sorry, not able to give you a definitive answer to your very good question. I have made some assumptions on your exact situation regarding UK residence etc. However, I would STRONGLY advise you to ensure that you are registered with a UK GP NOW as a "permanent" NHS patient and stay on that register at least until well into the new year. That gets you an NHS registration card and number.Then, you can asap apply for a 2004-type E111 at a UK post office ( in person) quoting your NHS number and tick the box on the form for the automatic issue of an NHS entitlement card when they are issued in the new year.

Hope this helps, but whatever, don't delay!

Paw Paw
09-04-05, 18:11
European medical cover is available to all British residents.

You can be a live aboard but provided you have not declared yourself non-resident for tax purposes and have a UK address and are holding an E111 you are OK.

10-04-05, 09:35
Thats exactly my understanding too. I think you are getting too detailed about side issues that don't apply. The paragraph you quote is clarifying the situation regarding crew of ships and should be read as "yes it applies to all UK citizens including mariners"

11-04-05, 10:47
E111 used to be for tourists only an e128 would be for mariners as they are presumably working and contributing it is called a certificate of continuing liability. The e111 and the e128 have now been amalgamated however this is the portion of the certificate held by the employee the employer will need to apply for an e101. The e111 now calls people who work in another european country migrant workers it allows people to make contributions in their main country of residence hence certificate of continuing liability. If you are not working then an e111 will do It has a section to fill in for people travelling to another eu country. I am not sure of the rules regarding livaboards or people who do not work but thought I would clarify the mariners part of your question.

11-04-05, 10:58
I forgot to explain the issue of liability. When you contribute to NI that is just what it is an insurance policy. When you get ill or need treatment in another EU country the goverments have to sort out who will pay the bill. If you live and work in England and have been paying your contributions here then the Liability falls on the English Gov if you go and work in another EU country but are paid by an English company and continue to contribute in England then the English Gov issues a certificate of continuing liability and accept responsibility for paying your medical bills. If you are a pensioner and make no contributions but have contributed in England the English gov is liable the same if you are a tourist and I would assume if you are unemployed. The minute you start making contributions in another EU country they will become liable.
In all cases where the English GOV is liable exactly the same rules apply as if you were receiving that treatment in the UK.

11-04-05, 15:53
Thanks everyone. The sound advice appreciated. I agree that I should avoid getting too complicated.

17-04-05, 13:25
Just a thought. Could I get dental treatment whilst abroad by waving my E111? I certainly can't find an NHS dentist at home!

17-04-05, 19:19
whats this ENGLISH.......ENGLISH................ENGLISH GOVERNMENT........... no such thing.its BRITISH.................

Paw Paw
18-04-05, 07:15
Just think I should enlarge on the opinion in my post - In France if you go to hospital for anything - serious or minor - waving the E111 will work just fine. There are forms to fill out but more or less that's it. If you go to a GP or Dentist I am not certain it is so easy - they will ask for payment in Full - In France a 20 minute consultation will cost E20 - they will then issue you with a form which if you are a French citizen/resident you fill out and give to French social security who reimburse about 75% of the payment - into your bank.

What I am saying is I am not certain that you can wave the E111 in France and other European countries for relatively minor problems and expect the state to pay for it.... May be wrong here but that's my experience -= round the world I have always paid GP and Dentist fees myself... The huge hospital fees are what the E111 and private insurance are there for..