View Full Version : Lewmar 40 winches

29-04-05, 10:53
Pair of Lewmar 40 two speed winches see www.sabre27.org.uk/Picts/Lew_40_2spd.jpg (http://www.sabre27.org.uk/Picts/Lew_40_2spd.jpg)
200 ONO for the pair plus postage. Lying Poole

05-05-05, 08:34
With 180 odd views there must be some interest so obviously I have got the price wrong. PM me with offers.

05-05-05, 11:49
I have two twin speed Barlow 24 winches for sale which look identical to those in Johna's picture. sell for 175, buyer pays posyage or collects in North Wales or Cheshire area.