View Full Version : Eyup. Black Puddings And Real Sabden Treacle Mine Ore!!

12-06-05, 20:59
Wrote reams here, pressed button A and it said. Page canot be displayed!!!xxxxx Grrr!!

So anyway. Up thSolent next week, Saturday in Plymouth then........Whats after Portsmouth, dont think there is anything, is there????

12-06-05, 21:36

12-06-05, 21:47
Well I know that. I was thinking a bit closer. Bit of ditch crawling maybe, is there not another inlet thingy just passed Portsmouth?? Is there anything except morron marina's up Portsmouth ditch?? God once went up the Hamble, bewitched by Howards Way. Made the M25 look exciting!!

12-06-05, 21:49
What's after Pompey?

Suggest that if you survive the Small Boat Channel without being arrested by volunteers, you next pop in to Langstone. A simple entrance except on the ebb in a Southerly biased wind. Southsea Marina to Port after the ferry pontoon and the ECA has a good bar.

After that a day or two in Chichester Harbour sampling the pubs and clubs up the various channels.

Next really is Brighton. Forget Littlehampton and Shoreham as both are pretty tatty.

Any further East and you will fall off the edge of the world, or that part worth visiting anyway.

Have a nice trip.


12-06-05, 21:56
I was in Sabden a couple of weeks ago, had a meal at that funny Wellsprings place.

12-06-05, 22:06
Sadly the treacle mine has closed again. To much competition from cane sugar.

12-06-05, 22:10
Loads of exploring in Chichester

12-06-05, 23:05
bin shut several years ant it. last time I went was with kids, now kids have kids of there own.

13-06-05, 12:01
Why not go right round the corner and try St Kats. or the Orwell.
it would be really nice if you could be pleasant /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif to the raggie that told me to get a move on when locking in on Saturday.
my brand new S29 and crew, who love her to bits, is more incompetent than anything, just taking my time and get an earful from raggie telling me to get a move on. his dragon on the bow didnt like it too much when i told them to p!$$ off.
nice marina, though some of the facilities needed improving (i think the cruising assoc block was supposed to be very nice) and of course you get all of London to play in.


13-06-05, 16:38
well spent 5.22 on black puddings today, only to learn they were made in Widnes, not Bury, where they are supposed to come from, ah well I did buy them in Kirkham.

Anyway some of the black puddings will be on board for our trip, can always throw them at unruly raggies, could become a new sport. They complain about our wash, we hit them back with a barrage of black puddings. Maybe thats why they have sails to catch em in !