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26-08-05, 11:30
When is everyone planning to arrive in Cherbourg. It's a bit further from where we are especially as I want to hit the east going tides for the Cherbourg approach, unlike you Solenters who will have the textbook east and west cancelling out. I suspect we're going to arrive very late Friday night/ Saturday morning.

26-08-05, 12:38
Not looked at the tides for clearing the Solent, but it's going to be neapy so I guess we will arrive in Cherbourg 0800ishLT, on Saturday morning. Must start making arrangements with me fine crew once the bank hiliday is over.

Phoenix of Hamble
26-08-05, 12:44

HW Portsmouth is 1433 GMT, so guess we can be casting off from around 1300LT if my memory of Solent tides serves me correctly....?

26-08-05, 13:56
Late morning Friday, having left the Solent by midnight on Thursday, via Bembridge.

We will start asking for definite numbers during the next couple of weeks.

Everything is subject to the weather forecast, of course.

26-08-05, 14:21
we have to do it in 2 days so arriving early evening Sat, leave 1st thing Sun!

26-08-05, 14:36
13:00 might be a bit of a push for me, cos I'm meant to be in London in the morning, but I am open to persuasion if the greater good of the majority requires it.

Steve: who's this "fine crew" of whom you speak? I thought you'd shipped a couple of no-hopers? /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

26-08-05, 15:20
dep Gosport 2330 Thursday eve for the St Vaast left hook. Arr as gates open, snooze, try for 4 of the 5 shushes (shave, shower, [--word removed--], shag and champagne) meal at Fuschias, leave after lunch Sat and arr in Chbg for the orgy. Home Sunday.
see you there

26-08-05, 15:38
Trying for 4 of the 5? Are we to assume that BlowDry will be with your or not ?

Also, I think you have the order wrong - the [--word removed--] is in the wrong place, IMHO of course!

26-08-05, 15:40
is it your first or last priority?
Gill not coming as having treatment but other friends along

29-08-05, 07:46
HW Friday about 1500 local time ..... out from Chichester Hbr .... expect 2kt easterly flow for first half of crossing, then slack in middle about midnight / 0100 saturday .... turning to 2 kts westerly for rest till just off from French coast where easterly strong set can be experienced up to 3kts. Expect arrive Cherbourg about midday saturday .... slurping first beer (on land that is ...) at about 1400 !!

Slip lines as early sunday as poss to chase back to Solent ..... berthed am monday ...