View Full Version : ST4000 wheel pilot spares

05-09-05, 12:29
Hi all,

I am looking for spares for my ST4000 autopilot (wheel) and in particular just the bit that fits onto the wheel as mine was damaged beyond repair during my last trip from Portsmouth to Croatia. The control head and motor are still fine but the bit that fits to the wheel itsleft has lost two of the interanl rollers (snapped off) and all but one of the plastic brackets that connect to the spokes of the wheel have deceased.

Thanks in advance

07-09-05, 15:52
Prob no help but my ST4000 also went in exactly the same way on my trip from Poole to Greece in June. Managed to get it repaired by a Raymarine dealer in Sardinia I would have thought a UK Raymarine dealer should be able to help you out ?