View Full Version : Any ideas on weather yet ??? Any bets ??

17-09-05, 17:45
I started trawling the weather web-sites to try and get an idea of possible weather and have come up with the lot added up and then averaged out .... :

Wind : N to E to S to W ... somewhere in between - variable and Force 1 to 7
Pressure : Expected High pressure may be slower moving than predicted and small low stationary over southern regions or small low will fill and high stay off shore or high will move quickly to settle over the area ....
Weather prediction : Changeable and subject to rain, sun or grey, with light or variable winds with possibles to strong. Wave heights according wind at time ...

So all in all - they don't know what the hell is going to be here forb the weekend of the do !!!!

Anyone got any clues ???

19-09-05, 21:09
You seem to have about covered it Nigel but you may want to check www.cqbha.co.uk/weatherfr.htm (http://www.cqbha.co.uk/weatherfr.htm) , this site usefully provides several links for French coast on one page. Have a good crossing!

19-09-05, 22:12
Don't neglect the French met office, they're quite good at it.


Helps if you can parlez-vous though