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20-10-05, 20:47
I have a Baby Blake head 'for sale'. This is a picture of it before it (and those tiles!) were removed:


I can take more pictures if that would be helpful. The bowl is a sort of pale avocado green porcelain. Condition-wise it leaks from the pump and the metalwork has an attack of the verdigris.

On the plus side it comes with the best part of 3 full service kits: a big bag full of rubber washers, O rings, copper and asbestos seals, but I presume that there is a reason that the previous owner bought 3 expensive service kits i.e. there is perhaps a common wear item that is missing from all 3 kits?

On the minus side I seem to have mislaid the removable pump handle (steel shaft, white porcelain handle). I must be able to find it but can't think where else to look.. Oh, and you would have to collect or arrange collection from Scotland.

I have no idea what to ask for it, or whether it has any value at all: please PM me if you're interested.

21-10-05, 12:00
I'm happy enough with mine, but if you look at the "Classic Boat" section of the Forums Martin Schulz wants one!

I mention this as Martin may not look as far as the For Sale columns.

Andrew Craig-Bennett

23-10-05, 17:32
I live up there too. I would be keen to have one of your spares kits.
PM me or post a note.

23-10-05, 22:57
Would also be interested in repair kits if you are prepared to sell separately.



24-10-05, 19:17
Sorry folks but the spares kits are not complete - they have all been opened. I would prefer to let them go with the loo as an incentive to someone to rebuild it.

Oh and thanks Mirelle, I'll try and contact Martin Schulz.

08-12-05, 22:37
Subject: baby blake sea toilet

Hi Steve,
I am interested in your toilet and the spare parts.
Do you have any idea what it would cost do post it to Germany???
Thanks for your answer, Beroe