View Full Version : East Midlands Part V

30-11-05, 10:41
When shall we few meet again?

May be tricky pre-Xmas, as I guess peeps diaries get pretty full.
January? Post boat show so we can all coo over each others new purchases?

30-11-05, 16:18
january would be good....provided the lords and masters dont call another emergency meeting in the fatherland

How did the last one go?

01-12-05, 16:01
Dougie, where do you meet?

Phoenix of Hamble
02-12-05, 17:03
Stuge and I discussed this the other day, and came to the same consensus...... Hoping to organise something for in the new year, with repsctive SWMBOs if all are in agreement?

05-12-05, 09:32
sounds good to me...

05-12-05, 11:12
I was thinking of fixing something up for January. A meal with swmbos, possibly on a Saturday night, at a venue that would have accommodation for those who would rather not drive home. Thoughts on the subject appreciated.

08-12-05, 11:38
How was the last meet in Empingham?

Nice venue and has rooms.

Still up for a meet in January.


Phoenix of Hamble
09-12-05, 23:04

Was a good evening..... food was unusually good.....

Jan will def happen....

12-12-05, 16:31

how about putting a couple of dates in now

!4th and 28th are good for me. And at Empingham?

That is assuming overnight with SWMBO's.

I wouldnt have been surprised the food was good at Empingham. Went there a few years ago and it was very very good. Not sure about the accomodation but it was highly recommended a few years back.

Think we could get devocean on board for this one as he lives quite near.


Phoenix of Hamble
12-12-05, 22:19
Could do.... StugeronSteve is in the driving seat on this one...

Those dates work for me.......(as long as you mean Jan and not Feb!)

Probably wouldn't stop over at Empingham though.... its only 12 miles from home....

Not fussy about location though..... we'll go with the flow....

13-12-05, 09:10
14/28th seem good to me, I was thinking about trying the Saracen's Head, at Southwell (nr. Newark). Restaurant tends to be very good, interesting building and town etc. Close to A1 etc, infact, it brings the venue rota back to Newark, where it all started.

Feelings on date etc. and, subject to a firm commitment I will book the meal. Booking of accommodation to be down to individuals.

13-12-05, 20:28
Sorry guys, I've not been watching this one. Sadly I can't make the 14th or 28th 'cos I'm on a boat (ship?) in the Carribean (all 77000 tons of the Arcadia!!) I'm out on the 11th giving a talk about motorsport, and we leave UK on the 12th January, and and get back in the UK sometime on the 28th. I'll keep an eye open to see if the dates change, but I can't see me meeting you this time this unless it's a bit earlier or later. Of course, I'm a stinkie now, so I may have automatically cancelled my membership.........!!

14-12-05, 10:41
77000 tonnes, feck me! I knew you were looking for a big Sealine, but that's ridiculous.

Sorry flyboy, but your membership only cancelled if you want it to be, having seen the light you will always be a raggie to us.

Have a great time in the Caribie, and keep your hat on. There's now't worse than a sun burnt bonce. Thus speaketh the voice of painful experience.

ps. Watch this space re: dates.

14-12-05, 13:58
Oh dear /forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif

Have I joined some illicit raggie club /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

But then I'm only here for the beer /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

14-12-05, 14:57
Yep, they're all bloomin' raggies 'cept me and thee. Used to be a raggie too, but a certain orthopaedic expert pursuaded it was not in my longer term interest to continue with that affliction, so it was back to motors for me.

Incidentally, a raggie friend accused me of starting my motors up the other day, and completely obliterating much of the South with smoke - well, really!!!!!

(looks like I might still be allowed to attend after all)

Phoenix of Hamble
14-12-05, 19:22
OK with location Steve.......

Dates wise, nothing that I can't yet make in Jan......

Put me down for 2 seats... me and SWMBO....

15-12-05, 14:54
Ok Steve
Saracens sounds good.
Do they have accomodation?
is it too early to put a firm date down?
If the 14th or 28th I'm in with SWMBO

15-12-05, 15:30
Yes, they do.

Not a deal of response about dates, infact it's just you, neil et moi, to date.

I will stick a dedicated post up and see what comes along. Both dates are good for me, shame Nicho can't get though.