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05-12-05, 16:35
Good news from the Government for the Red Diesel cause:


07-12-05, 21:11
"The Government will issue an initial regulatory impact assessment on the effects of ending the derogation for private pleasure craft early next year. This document will then be used as the basis for further information gathering and discussions."

Strewth! By the time they've done that lot it'll be the end of 2007 not 2006. Surely they should have done all that way before now?

08-12-05, 15:27
I think the point is that they need to do some research of their own so they don't just take our word for it. As long as our figures seem to stack up with theirs then we should be ok.

09-12-05, 13:20
But they still should have done that work before - by any standards they have left it late, very late.

I am more cynical. i think the application will go in when Blair is no longer EC President.

20-12-05, 12:04
Surely the intention should be to 'retain' the derogation (i.e. indefinitely) rather than to 'extend'. An extention would merely result in a repeat of the struggle at some time in the future.

23-12-05, 18:15
As I understand it, the relevant EU law was changed a couple of years ago (by agreement with the UK govt) so that now the govt has to ask for a derogation every so often, and the commissioners decide whether we can have it. previously, the derogationn was automatically renewed unlerss we asked for it to stop.

This system applies to all derogations not just red diesel

01-01-06, 08:16
Their ( the government) are not interested in researching how many of us will have to leave boating as a resuly of the loss, only how our votes will affect their return to government. If it was France, the Thames outside the palace of westminister and the ports would have been blockaded all ready and a descision made. Then again If Livingstone was a boater, perhaps a banner would have been installed on the mags offices with the current number of those who had left the sport/hobby already.