View Full Version : Punch And Judy

09-12-05, 16:39
A special panto for Ghostwriter, Brendan and anyone else who fancy a punchup or prefer to make wise cracks instead of just keeping quiet or contributing to what in other years has been a fun and entertaining event.

09-12-05, 16:46
Right you! Outside..............

09-12-05, 16:53
Hold me jacket for me

09-12-05, 16:59
Is Punch and Judy p.c ? Lots of infants What about Guardia Civl shooting British yachtsperson for speeding,then you can include Rex Harrison singing "it only rains on the plains"

09-12-05, 17:05
Leave it, Dougie; he's not worth it................

10-12-05, 17:06
It is the way of the forum, over the last 12 months it has become more and more miserable with a hardcore who want to score points and knock each other.

Though this has been said before, try doing a search before your bore us regulars with your repeated comments, we have answered this before.