View Full Version : Any tidal Thames locations?

10-12-05, 01:23
Anyone know where I can get red at a reasonable price between Tower Bridge to Gravesend.

10-12-05, 18:30
I'm afraid not! There used to be a fuel barge (leonard) at galions reach, but he has gone now, so I'm afraid that after St. Kats it's next stop at Gillingham unless you want to go ashore with a can!

11-12-05, 00:09
Thanks for that Littlejohn.
I remember the fuel barge at Gallions before I had a boat (real shame).
I think the best option is to order in bulk and get a delivery.
By the way, where or what is St Kats?

11-12-05, 22:35
St Kats is St Katherines yacht haven beside the Tower of London. There is a Q8 fuel barge moored just outside.

11-12-05, 23:18
I assumed it was St Katherines Dock, London but i'm sure i've heard people talking about another St Kats (thats why I asked). Or perhaps my brain went a bit funny!
Thats the place for me I think as I'm up and down there quite a bit now.
Thanks mate.

19-12-05, 09:19
I don't know how up to date this page (http://www.marinefuel.info/diesel/thames_inland.htm#) is but it may be worth giving them a call