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08-01-06, 07:15
Hi there......I mentioned previously that I would like to bring my yacht over from Aussie to Crete but if thats too dear ( i'm still awaiting quotes) does anyone informed know if it is possible for a marine surveyor (British born/Aussie citizen) to work in Greece or do you think there would be any kind of demand for that kind of service over there...by the way ,this is a brilliant forum site ...what a place to learn about boating in Europe!!! Good stuff!

08-01-06, 11:36
In theory if you have British nationality you can work anywhere in the EU.
In practice you won't find Greek bureauocracy easy to deal with.
Will they recognise your Aussie qualification?
Needless to say some Greek language would help a lot, but it's not easy to learn.
Fly over for a visit first.

08-01-06, 12:26
Hi David
Thanx again for your input...good point whether they will recognise Aussie qualifications!!!
Kind regards

09-01-06, 23:20
I have had some experince with Marine Surveyors in Greece during an insurance claim. There are many Greek language requirements as soon as one needs to make a report to the Port Police which can be the case for some insurance claims so language can be an important part of making any business work there. I have sent you a Private Message (PM) if you want to contact me further (as you are a new user you may not have used PM. Click at the top right of the screen on the "Check Messages" button.)